You may choose from a full range of residential design services. My design services are billed on an hourly basis, and the suggested budgets are offered solely as approximations of "average" time charges.

Space Planning

This process begins with an in-home consultation to determine the function and flow of the space, your preferences and style, discussion of furnishings to be retained or purchased, and measuring and photographing the space. I provide a scale drawing of the proposed room layout showing furniture and furnishings to be retained and the placement and dimensions of pieces to be acquired. For a single room, you should budget for 3 to 7 hours.

Color Consultation

This process is accomplished with a single in-home consultation. After we review your existing color palette and discuss your preferences and style, I will provide you with a proposed color scheme. For a single room, you should budget for 1 to 2 hours.

Room Redesign

Give your room a new look using only furniture, furnishings and accessories that you already have in your home. The first step is an extensive in-home consultation including a "tour" of your home to learn what items may be available for better use in the re-design space. Thereafter I will forward you a specific re-design suggestion report. For a single room, you should budget for 5 to 8 hours. You can accomplish the physical re-arrangement without my oversight, or I can supervise that process at my standard hourly rate.

Full Room Redesign ("The Grand Plan")

This is appropriate for the new home or room which requires a complete redecoration. The process begins with an in-home consultation. At the next meeting I will present a written report that includes scaled space plan, color scheme, and furniture and window treatment suggestions (with photos of examples). "The Grand Plan" typically is your guide for a significant undertaking that can be implemented over time. It serves as a roadmap to avoid missteps and prevent "wrong" purchases. For a single room, you should budget for 7 to 10 hours through the report. At your option, I will prepare one or more presentation boards showing the actual paints, fabric and furniture suggested (additional $250 per board). My assistance in implementing The Grand Plan is billed at my then-current hourly rate, and the time required is entirely dependent on your needs and desires.

Custom Window Treatments and Furniture

These services are billed on an hourly basis for research, design and fabric selection plus all materials and labor at retail prices, as the scope and complexity of this process varies greatly.

Real Estate Staging

I will tour the spaces to be staged and provide a written report of suggestions. One room usually requires 2-3 billable hours (includes report). If no report is required by the client, an onsite assessment requires approximately 1-2 hours per room. Discount for multiple rooms in same dwelling.


Acquisition of furniture, accessories, art, etc. can be accomplished with or without the accompaniment of the client. Billed on a per hour basis. Some items will require an additional designer commission.

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