What do I do first?

Call me for an initial consultation. When we meet, we will discuss your needs, vision, and budget and I will describe the services I can provide to accomplish your goals.

How much will it cost for your services?

I charge at the rate of $90 per hour. If you wish, I can provide an estimated project total after our initial meeting and review of your requirements. There may also be additional expenses for travel if you are outside the Baltimore metropolitan area.

Do I sign a contract?

In any relationship there are terms set to protect and inform all parties. The designer-client relationship is no different. After our initial meeting, if further services are required, I will prepare a letter of agreement for you which outlines our understanding of my responsibilities and services to be rendered. All custom furniture, furnishings or window treatments require separate documentation to specify the design, fabrics, costs, installation and fabrication specifics, etc.

What is your style?

My personal style is probably best described as eclectic with a European edge. I do not, however, have a "style" in my design practice. A "good" room is a "good" room, regardless of its style. My goal is to create a room that has harmony, balance, flow, functionality and a little "wow". I can work with almost any palette or furniture style. I create spaces that will be beautiful and stylish for many years and I am reluctant to use trendy colors and/or furnishings in the major furniture pieces. I allow accessories to provide a major impact of color and style. Thereafter, when you want a "new" room, it would require only updating your accessories. View this Dream Home I designed featured in the Baltimore Sun.

Do you have access to "trade-only" furnishings?

Yes, I am a registered designer at the DC Design Center in Washington and have accounts with fabric vendors who cater to the trade only. For those who wish to acquire custom furnishings of investment quality, options are available.

What are the best "bang for the buck" investments?

Number one is paint. Nothing changes a space like color. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, the cost is minimal and the result can be extraordinary.

Number two is carpet or flooring. Worn or discolored flooring dates a room and significantly detracts from the overall appearance.

Accessories are a close third. These are truly the reflection of the owner and can add so much color and personality. Depending on the budget, accessories can cost very little or be an investment piece, but either can bring personality, interest and excitement to a space. When you enter a room that feels attractive and well executed, you are entering a room that has been thoughtfully accessorized.